Customization service

RoarTheme has customization service to meet different demands of our clients. All customizations are evaluated and executed by our highly skilled and expert developers, who understand all theme’s functionalities and adaption to Shopify’s requirements.

With RoarTheme’s customization services, we guarantee to leverage your online store’s website to the next level. Beyond the existing offerings, we empower your website’s differentiation with as many advanced features as per your preference, so you can stand out among from the rest online stores.

Customization service cost

As clients’ customization requests will take us time and resources to develop, we will charge fee for this service. There is no fixed fee and the actual cost depends on the client’s request complexity.

How to request the customization service

If you want to order our customization services, do not hesitate to reach out to us via:

Please be sure to name your ticket subject "Customization request". Our experts will dive into your requests and get back to you within 1 week with a detailed quotation. Once you agree with this quotation, our team will start the customization project.

Service exclusion

All executed customizations are not updated when you upgrade to the newer theme version.
In case you still want to have customization updates for the new theme version, we will charge a separate fee for this request. The fee amount can be up to 70% of the initial customization cost depending on the complexity of the request.

Start to differentiate your online store today!