“Take it from them” - These brands chose Be Yours, so should you

Everything we do at RoarTheme is centered on one one goal: to further your business. This includes the themes we create and the technology we employ. However, the act of marketing has changed throughout time, moving away from its previous strong dependence on spec sheets. In essence, a channel of communication has opened up between us and the folks we're attempting to assist. People no longer desire to be "sold to," at least not in the same manner as in the past.

This is why we feel client’s end products are so valuable. Instead of "taking our word" for it that our product or service would improve your life, it allows you to hear from other genuine customers why the decision you're about to make is sound.

Purchasing a Shopify theme for your company involves a lengthy, difficult decision-making process, especially for those who are new to the field. There are several factors to consider while selecting the best one for your organization. Now that we are aware of the difficulty, allow us to ease your judgment call. 

Oh, but you don’t have to believe everything we say, you might as well see it for yourself. Take a look at these five stores in the United Kingdom that have used our Be Yours theme to great effect.

Cheeses of Muswell Hill 

Cheeses of Muswell Hill is an award-winning family-run cheesemonger that has been sourcing, manufacturing, and maturing outstanding cheeses for over 45 years. They meticulously investigate and source all of their cheeses, chutneys, and biscuits, and in certain cases, they source locally as well.

Using RoarTheme’s Be Yours, Cheese of Muswell Hill has successfully displayed its variety of products and at the same time, their offers for customers when purchasing their products.  


On the homepage, there is plenty of opportunity for huge, eye-catching photography, as well as plenty of space for creating strong and forceful statements that reflect the brand's distinct method, message, and backstory.


The Be Yours theme promotes your brand by sharing testimonials, videos, and more - it is ideal for single-product businesses or new food and beverage firms with a limited number of products to sell.

Bijoux de Mimi

Bijoux De Mimi offers unique colorful huggie hoop earrings and affordable jewelry you've never seen before. Stand out, defy the rules, and be yourself. With the Be Yours theme, there are no restrictions. In the case of Bijoux de Mimi, the store has tremendously profited from all of its features and capabilities by using it to market jewelry. Everyone will explore their material, check out what's trending, and make a purchase thanks to the fashionable and current design. 


Be Yours is a one-of-a-kind, versatile Shopify theme that will get such jewelry stores up and running quickly. Bijoux de Mimi exudes a stylish vibe, showing your items in an eye-catching manner. Not only that, but with its distinct appearance, it stands a chance at expecting a bump in conversions, which is something everyone aims for.


The features that come with the Be Yours kit are extensive. You get sliders, a newsletter pop-up, a quick search option, a great menu, a bargain counter, a blog, and a currency switcher, among other things.

Luxury Gift in a Box

Customers are at the core of what Luxury Gift in a Box does, and they enjoy the assistance they provide as a small local business. They pack each present box with great care and attention. Their gift boxes are delivered to say thank you, I'm sorry, I love you, I'm thinking of you, and many other things.

When it comes to displaying a company's products online, simplicity and cleanliness are always a successful mix. Luxury Gift in a Box is a terrific example that provides you with the right design for your gift box business or if you want something simple as well. 


The Be Yours theme is simple to use, but the results are nothing short of remarkable


“Luxury Gift in a Box” also provides numerous features and functionalities that are a must for a contemporary eCommerce website. The Modular bundle includes just quick buy, full-screen banner, customer reviews, endless scrolling, sticky navigation, and sidebar filtering.

Tiny Riot

Three individuals make up the collective Tiny Riot, whose bright and stunning artwork is sure to make an impact and become a topic of conversation. Their prints include everything from pop art with camouflage to rock and pop royalty!

By including visually appealing images and similarly fantastic artworks to accentuate our Be Yours concept, Tiny Riot's creativity is stretched to the farthest degree possible. With a website that gives life to what they do and a contemporary aesthetic that presents artwork in a distinctive and appealing way, Tiny Riot's brand personality seems to be even more highlighted.


From the moment you view the homepage, Tiny Riot aims for a striking design that establishes the feel of the store.

This theme has a number of upselling and sales-oriented features that might help you boost conversions. Cross-selling, back-in-store notifications, in-menu promotions, better search, quick-buy, and other features are supported by Be Yours, for instance. 


The Be Yours Shopify theme is used by Tiny Riot for their website. There is no room for superfluous design features because the emphasis is entirely on the items.

The Public Spirit 

The Public Spirit is founded on the power of togetherness, and the simple act of kindness that comes with every one of our drinks. We believe no one should go hungry, so when you drink our spirits you’re giving meals to those in need.

Customers who visit The Public Spirit's website are immediately struck by the store's usage of a crisp, understated, yet striking aesthetic. The store's appeal is greatly enhanced by the use of black and white together.


When it comes to flexibility, Be Yours is also a stunning Shopify alcohol theme with a great online store page and cutting-edge features. For those looking to create an appealing web presence for their bar or pub, this theme's pre-built demo offers a smooth dark appearance.


By using Be Yours, The Public Spirit is tied to a variety of things simultaneously; with all the practical features and compatible extensions, the liquor Shopify themes brought to the collection will simplify developing online stores with their well-thought-out layouts.


Nobody does flexibility quite like RoarTheme does with our Be Yours theme. We are the e-commerce solution you've been looking for for your company, with a large range of presets and a plethora of features that are precisely designed to assist any business owner's aim.

The five businesses listed above, which range from a jewelry store to a booze store to a cheese shop, make excellent use of our Be Yours theme. The actual test of how far one can take our concept is seen in the finished goods of our clientele. So keep Be Yours powered by RoarTheme in mind the next time you're torn between possibilities and trying to navigate a sea of choices.