What customers say about Be Yours

What customers say about Be Yours

Customer feedback is crucial as it provides perfect insights to guide your business's positive change and make your product/ service better for the customers. Be Yours is honored to serve many Shopify stores globally and we really hear what they like or dislike about our theme to use it for ongoing improvement.

With us find out what makes Be Yours the favorite theme for store owners.

According to the customer reviews on Shopify, the highlighted strengths of Be Yours are pointed out as follows:

Incredible content-adaptability

Be Yours theme is suitable for both dropshipping or physical stores. It has provided multiple ready-to-use sections and blocks particularly designed for different stages in the buying process. No coding efforts are required at all and what customers need to do is just find out the components from the list which suit your content best.

Review sources: Oobje Design
Review sources: ModaDome
Review sources: IKIGAIST

Dedicated support service

When researching the customers' reviews, we find that the most satisfactory feedback goes towards the customer service provided. All customer concerns and queries are quickly addressed by the team and solved as thoroughly as possible.

Review sources: Wild Peonies Studio
Review sources: Lilian Sanchez Style
Review sources: The Shabby Parlor

Rich features and good customizability

Be Yours has many built-in features for store owners to implement most e-commerce functionalities and exploit the buying process effectively. The features range from product showcase and merchandising to cart checkout and marketing/conversion optimization. The team always researches, keeps up-to-date and adds new features over time to make Be Yours beneficial for our customers.

Review sources: StilHelden
Review sources: CA Coasters
Review sources: You are More Project

These are part of hundreds of reviews that we receive from customers. They are true motivations for our team to work on creating new features and assuring high-quality service for customers every day.

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