Be Yours Features

  • Selling internationally

    Selling internationally

    Comes with features to select currencies, countries, and translations. Also includes translations for 12 languages

  • RTL support

    RTL support

    Customers from particular regions are able to read the contents in a much better and focused way

  • Bundle products

    Bundle products

    By grouping several products and sold as one unit, this strategy encourages customers to buy more

  • Pop-up newsletter

    Pop-up newsletter

    Take advantage of email marketing and benefit from a cost-effective way to promote your website

  • Cookie banner

    Cookie banner

    Displays a banner that asks customers for permission to track their data, under the European Union's GDPR

  • Free shipping message

    Free shipping message

    Customers love not paying for shipping. Encourage them to fulfill the target by offering free shipping.

  • Multi-images variant

    Multi-images variant

    You can have multiple images associated with one variant to let shoppers see the product more intuitive

  • Button customization

    Button customization

    Do you like rounded corners for your button? Or shadow of color? The choice is yours

  • Hero video

    Hero video

    Combines the power of video with the eye-catching design of a hero banner

  • Product labels

    Product labels

    Promotes your products by adding labels, giving extra info to customers

  • Image comparison

    Image comparison

    Useful in many industries to make comparisons between two images, usually a before-after kind

  • Cart notes

    Cart notes

    A textbox on the cart page that allows customers to share special instructions for their order

  • In-store pickups

    In-store pickups

    Allow customers to select a local pickup option instead of delivery

  • Quick buy

    Quick buy

    Allow customers to add products to the cart without leaving the page

  • Slide-out cart

    Slide-out cart

    Make cart accessible from any page

  • Sticky cart

    Sticky cart

    Keep add to cart button visible as customers browse and scroll

  • Quick view

    Quick view

    View product details in a popup without leaving the current page

  • Recommended products

    Recommended products

    Show products based on buyer behavior or past purchases

  • Stock counter

    Stock counter

    Show current stock levels for a product

  • Store locator

    Store locator

    Provide map or direction to physical location

  • Contact form

    Contact form

    Create a custom contact form with additional fields and content

  • Blogs


    Use advanced blogging features such as surfacing blog posts on product and collection pages, support for multiple blogs and reader comments

  • In-menu promos

    In-menu promos

    Embed images and promotional content into your navigation

  • Promo banners

    Promo banners

    Add a banner announcing sales, discounts, or events

  • Promo popups

    Promo popups

    Add a popup announcing sales, discounts, or events

  • FAQ page

    FAQ page

    Provide an FAQ page to answer visitor questions about anything from returns to shipping

  • Product reviews

    Product reviews

    Automatically integrate with Shopify Product reviews app and display reviews on product pages

  • Trust badges

    Trust badges

    Display badges indicating secure payment and checkout

  • High-resolution images

    High-resolution images

    Theme is optimized for large, high-quality images

  • Image galleries

    Image galleries

    Display multiple images at once in a thumbnail grid or tiled mosaic-style layouts

  • Image hotspot

    Image hotspot

    Tag images with interactive hotspots for popups or additional information

  • Image rollover

    Image rollover

    Show different images or info when hovering over an image

  • Image zoom

    Image zoom

    Allow close-up view of images

  • Lookbooks


    Display a portfolio of images that feature a product line or collection

  • Slideshow


    Display multiple images one at a time in a carousel

  • Color swatches

    Color swatches

    Display color options for a product on the product page

  • Product options

    Product options

    Show available options such as finishes, brands, or colors on collection pages

  • Product tabs

    Product tabs

    Present product details across multiple tabs or sheets on the product page

  • Product videos

    Product videos

    Include a video on the product page

  • Shipping information

    Shipping information

    Show information such as shipping options and estimated delivery time

  • Size chart

    Size chart

    Display a size chart for products

  • Usage information

    Usage information

    Show usage information for a product

  • Mega menu

    Mega menu

    Configure menu navigation to provide multi-column drop-down navigation

  • Enhanced search

    Enhanced search

    Enable predictive or smart searching

  • Animation


    Include animations for things like page transitions, scrolling, cart actions

  • Product filtering and sorting

    Product filtering and sorting

    Allow customers to filter products on the collection page by features like size, color, or brand

  • Sticky header

    Sticky header

    Provide a header that's visible in the same position as customers scroll down a page