Facebook Ads and TikTok Ads - Soar now with first-party data

Whether or not you feel dizzy hearing the word "data", data is the new oil. And first-party data is the sexiest of them all when it comes to media buying. If you've finally got your theme all set up nicely on the front end, there is no better time to wear this superpower for it at the back end.

What is first-party data?

First-party data = you collect it yourself
Third-party data = someone else collects it for you.
Wondering about second-party data? That's your partner friend sharing data about their customers for you.
Grammar lessons at primary school finally work now.

First-party data for Facebook and TikTok ads

Why do I need to collect data myself when Facebook and TikTok pixels are collecting the data for me already, you ask?

Third-party pixels fail in the face of IOS 14 updates

Since Apple allows its users to tell App not to track, third-party pixels have suffered a big deal. It's a slap in the face for advertisers because they're feeding insufficient data for the ad platforms to optimize their ads, hence costs.

Think about it, 96% of IOS users opted out of tracking, which translates into your pixels being blinded for almost 100% of the time on an IOS 14+ device.

Don't think that'll affect you? Almost half of the smartphones in the world are Iphones.

Enter server-side tracking. When a third party fails, you have to step in.

Facebook has Conversion API, TikTok has Events API

Don't worry if you've never heard of them. Just know they're your best friends if you've ever decided to run ads on these platforms.

These are those giants' efforts to help you collect all first-party data yourself. What you'll do is capture all events that happen on your site to a server, and send them to these destinations.

They'll fix almost all of the tracking weaknesses of the pixel.

With better data, you'll spend smarter, yield bigger results, and scale faster.

Is it difficult to implement first-party data?

It's very complicated if you plan to DYI, but not so if you seek a tool that helps you collect this data.

If you're on Shopify looking for cost-efficient tools, there are a ton, ranging from free to some dozens of bucks per month.

Just as the theme has many variants, your needs and options vary by a lot.

Whatever way you'll choose to implement your first-party data collection system, there is something you need to remember:

Mind the data quality and quantity you send to the ad platform.

Tools often claim to have the same features but obviously not quite. Be prepared to check the tracking accuracy before you make a purchase.

These are 2 recommended tools that work perfectly with Be Yours, and are known for accuracy in their blood:

It doesn't stop at good tracking

If you're not implementing Conversion API and Events API, you're laggards. But if you've done so, just know that it's just the beginning of the story. Seek accurate attribution so you will make a better-informed decision to ad scaling.

Facebook is getting expensive and competitive. TikTok is getting eyeballs. No matter what channels you're showing up on, if you get your tracking right, it'll be worth it.