Concept release notes

Version 1.4.1 - Mar 26, 2024

This update enhances the theme by extending support for JavaScript event listeners, enabling you to attach your custom scripts or third-party app integrations. Additionally, it includes several bug fixes to ensure a smoother experience.


  • The theme now features more JavaScript event listeners and triggers. This enables you to attach your custom scripts or third-party app integrations to various events post-occurrence.


  • We corrected the share link functionality on the product page to ensure the appropriate content is shared.
  • Addressed inaccuracies in the logic for multi-language support within the multiple option images feature.
  • Resolved an issue with incorrect text appearing on the sticky buy button following variant changes.

Version 1.4.0 - Mar 18, 2024

This update brings a suite of new features designed to enhance user experiences significantly, including the introduction of the latest support filter functions and a host of improvements and bug fixes.


  • We introduced a popup display for the size chart, offering a more fluid user interaction.
  • Now supports custom SVG usage in the Multicolumn With Icons section.
  • Menu items with sub-items are now clickable upon hovering.
  • Added functionality for showcasing variant images as color swatches on product cards.
  • Enhanced filter support with the addition of an AND operator and metaobject references.
  • Visual filters can now display attributes like colors and patterns when linked to a metaobject.
  • Implemented swatch options for variant selections tied to category metafields entries for colors.
  • Enabled selection of separate image for the collection banner on mobile.
  • Made the entire collage clickable, regardless of whether the heading is present.
  • Updated the mobile sticky bar's add-to-cart button to an icon for a more refined experience.
  • Modified the Complementary Products block's 'Add' button to a plus size on mobile for improved usability.
  • Multilanguage support extended to the multiple option images feature.
  • Added settings to customize the overlay opacity in the Slideshow section.


  • We optimized single media display in the Free Scroll layout.
  • Addressed a brief layout disruption during submenu animation within the menu drawer.
  • Resolved a malfunctioning Button Size option in the Image With Text Overlay section.
  • Corrected a Google Structured Data error in the FAQs section.
  • Fixed misalignment of centered text on blog pages with excessive tags.
  • Corrected the spinning text direction in RTL layout.
  • Addressed a swipe alignment issue on Android for product images.
  • Added a play button to the Video With Text section for when autoplay is off.
  • Fixed overflow of cart line items on mobile due to lengthy discount text.
  • Corrected the Lookbook section to display text blocks content on mobile.
  • Addressed the issue in the Testimonial section where slides appeared stuck together due to short text.
  • Made sub-menus scrollable on mobile.
  • Ensured correct positioning of product media on product pages after closing a popup.
  • Removed next/prev buttons on mobile to simplify navigation and improve layout.

Version 1.3.1 - Feb 20, 2024

We fixed a critical issue with the Slideshow section and some other minor bugs. Additionally, we have introduced local translations for Vietnamese in both the Storefront and Theme Editor.


  • We added complete locale translations for Vietnamese in Storefront and Theme Editor.


  • We have resolved a critical problem with the next/previous buttons in the Slideshow section, which caused it to stop working.
  • Fixed the issue that prevented custom images/icons in the Multicolumn section from being centered.
  • Fixed the issue of uncontrollable zoom-in in the Video block on mobile in the Collage section.

Version 1.3.0 - Feb 16, 2024

This latest update to the theme optimizes stability and improves the user experience by introducing several UX enhancements.


  • We have now incorporated support for a Line item property, providing the ability to collect additional data attachment to an item in shoppers' cart.
  • Mobile title size setting has been added for product titles, enhancing the readability of longer product titles.
  • The slide is now fully clickable, even when the button label is empty.

Fixes and other improvements

  • We resolved the issue where the play button overlapped images on quick view.
  • The padding issue with footer payment icons on mobile has been fixed.
  • Missing translations in the mobile dock section of the theme editor have now been added.
  • The issue with text color gradient in some sections has been resolved.
  • The slideshow now displays correctly when there's only one video block, without showing a placeholder.
  • We resolved the issue where the button hover became blank when 'None' style was chosen.
  • Several minor visual issues have also been addressed.

Version 1.2.0 - Jan 23, 2024

This update packs some exciting features and essential bug fixes, designed to unlock your store's potential and keep your customers engaged.


  • We added support to display badges for secure payment and checkout to help build customer confidence.
  • Added Age Verification section, ensuring compliance and responsible sales with optional age verification before purchase or site access.
  • Added infinite scroll, keeping customers browsing effortlessly, no more clicking for the next page.
  • Added support for dedicated mobile menu, optimized for on-the-go shoppers.
  • Added custom liquid for Collapsible Row block in case of demanding additional product metafields.


  • We fixed the scrolling issue of country and language selectors in the menu drawer.
  • Fixed main product title size.
  • Fixed minor visual inconsistencies.

Version 1.1.0 - Jan 19, 2024

This update introduces several new features and bug fixes to enhance your store's versatility and improve user experience.


  • We added new section, Video with text, combining engaging video with informative text for impactful storytelling.
  • Added the ability to display video for Multicolumn section.
  • Added the Product labels to highlight special offers or product features.
  • Added the Product countdown to help creating a sense of urgency and drive conversions with timer.
  • Added the Sticky buy button on product pages, keeping the purchase option readily accessible for improved user flow.


  • Resolved minor visual inconsistencies for a smoother store experience.

Version 1.0.0 - Jan 16, 2024

Theme launch.