Enable transparent header on custom pages

This theme comes with a transparent header. By default, you have only options to use it on homepage and/or collection pages. However, you might need the transparent header for other pages, and this instruction shows you how to do it.

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Add a custom menu whose items linked to custom pages


  1. From your Shopify admin, go to Online Store > Navigation.
  2. Click Add menu to create a new menu.
  3. Give your menu a name in Title box.
  4. Under Menu items, click Add menu item to add an item.
  5. Give the menu item a name in Name box.
  6. Click on the Link box, click Pages then choose the page you want to enable transparent header
  7. If you want to add another page, repeat steps 4,5,6
  8. Click Save.

Activate transparent header on custom pages


  1. From your theme editor, click on the Header section on the left.
  2. Navigate to Transparent header settings
  3. Within Custom pages, click Select menu to select the menu you created in the part above.
  4. Click Save.