How to set up color swatches

How does it work?

Once you have enabled the color swatch settings, Be Yours will look for any variant category with the name "Color" or "Colour".

To change the word to something other than "Color/Colour" you can do so in your languages area (theme menu > Edit default theme content) under Products > Product > Color swatch trigger.

The theme will then look at the variant names you've used (in this case Green and Navy blue) and look for either an HTML color name with the exact same name OR a .png image file in Settings > Files with a filename-friendly version of your variant name.

Naming your swatch files:

  • Green swatches would need to be named green.png (capitals become lowercase)
  • Navy blue swatches would need to be named navy-blue.png (capitals become lowercase, spaces and other special characters become hyphens)

How does it look?

Where is the 'Files' option in the Shopify admin?

First, open up the Shopify admin:

Go to Content, then select the Files option and open it. Click Upload files to begin uploading your .png swatch files.

Why doesn't the color swatch update if I change the file?

We cache color swatch files so they load faster since they won't change often. But, this means they don't get updated right away if you change them.

Follow this guide to remove the caching and update your color swatch images.