Custom Javascript event listeners and triggers in Be Yours

From Be Yours 6.0.0, you can use custom Javascript event listeners and triggers.

When you customize the theme, you may want to hook into some events after they happen to execute your custom script or integrate a 3rd app. We provide Javascript patterns for supported events:

Trigger page loaded

The HTML document has been completely parsed, and all deferred scripts

document.addEventListener('page:loaded', function() {
    // Page has loaded and theme assets are ready

Cart updated

Use this JavaScript pattern to update the cart object after the quantity is changed:

document.addEventListener('cart:updated', function(evt) {

Product added to the ajax cart

document.addEventListener('ajaxProduct:added', function(evt) {

Product failed to add to cart


document.addEventListener('ajaxProduct:error', function(evt) {

Quick view modal is opened


document.addEventListener('quickview:open', function(evt) {

Quick view modal loaded


document.addEventListener('quickview:loaded', function(evt) {

Variant selection changed


document.addEventListener('variant:change', function(evt) {

Collection page is re-rendered


document.addEventListener('collection:reloaded', function() {