Organize and prioritize: Highlighting for your text

In the crowded advertising landscape, capturing reader attention can be a challenge. Concept theme's Highlighted Text feature empowers you to strategically emphasize key messaging and guide audience focus for optimal impact. This function is facilitated by a diverse range of highlighting options, as a few examples are shown in the table below.

Bold & Italic
Fancy underline
Sketch underline
Squiggle underline

This article is about the Highlighted feature configuration.This feature is integrated seamlessly into various text sections and blocks throughout the website, such as: Rich text section, Shop the look section, Featured collections section, Heading block, Text block, etc.

Both sections and blocks offer similar Highlighted text feature settings, but there are some important nuances to understand:

  1. Text Input and Formatting:

    Before highlighting, enter your text in the dedicated area, where you can apply basic formatting like bold and italic to sections or individual words.

  2. Setting Up Highlighted Text:

    To highlight specific words, wrap them in italics using the Italic button in the editor.

  3. Highlighting Options:

    Upon highlighting, you'll access two sets of options:

    • Highlighted Text - Choose from various styles, such as: Text color, Text background cover, Fancy underline type, Regular underline type, Stencil text, and even Hand-drawn scribble. In this example, the 'sound' word is highlighted by 'Text background cover'.

    • Highlighted Scribble - Selecting hand-drawn scribble activates the additional options in this group.

      This group allows you to customize the hand-drawn effect with options, such as: Basic underline, Sketch underline, Squiggle underline, and Squiggle underline 2. In this example, the word 'soun' is highlighted by 'Basic underline'.

  4. Finally, click Save to finish your settings.

We hope this article has been helpful. If you have any questions or concerns about this feature, please do not hesitate to contact our team for support.