Default Collections list page: Sections and Block

A collection list page is a web page that lists all of a store's product collections.

With Concept, an OS 2.0 Shopify theme, you have the ability to add various sections on every page. This means that you can fully customize the look and feel of your collections list page by adding any sections that you desire. Simply click on the Add section button and choose the sections that you want to appear on your page.

By doing this, you can create a visually appealing collection lists page that will keep your visitors engaged and informed.

This page has 1 section by default: Collections list page section.

Collections list page section


The settings for the Collections list page section
Section Settings
Collections list page

All of your collections are listed by default. To customize your list, choose "Selected" and add collections.

Select collections to show Chooses All or Selected collections to display
Sort collections by

Sorting only applies when "All" is selected.

Determines in what order to display your collections:
  • Alphabetically, A-Z - Displays the products in alphabetical order.
  • Alphabetically, Z-A - Displays the products in reverse alphabetical order.
  • Date, new to old - Displays the products from the newest to the oldest, based on when each product was added to your store.
  • Date, old to new - Displays the products from the oldest to the newest, based on when each product was added to your store.
  • Product count, high to low - Displays products in order of decreasing product count
  • Product count, low to high - Displays products in order of increasing product count.
Image Chooses the displaying image: First product or Collection image.
Image ratio The image ratio:
  • Adapt to image (default) - Uses the aspect ratio of the images. This prevents the images from being cropped.
  • Square - Crops the images to 1:1 ratio.
  • Portrait - Crops the images to 2:3 ratio.
  • Landscape - Crops the images to 3:2 ratio.
  • Wide - Crops the images to 16:9 ratio.
Overlay text on image Enables the text overlay for the image.
Show total number of products Enables to show total number of products.
Number of columns on desktop Customize the number of columns displayed on desktop browser: 1 column to 5 columns.
Number of columns on mobile Customize the number of columns displayed on desktop browser: 1 column or 2 columns.
Heading The section title.
Heading size The heading size can be set to one of the following option: Small, Medium, Large, or Extra large.
Heading alignment The Heading can be aligned to the Left, Center, or Right.
Heading tag Selects the heading tag to structure and organize your content for SEO.
You can adjust the Top padding and Bottom padding from 0px to 120px in increments of 4px.
Show section divider Shows a line divider above this section..
Make section full width Makes the container full width.
Make section rounded Applies a rounded edge to the top two corners.
Custom CSS Adds custom CSS to this section.

This section allows you to add Collection block to customize it.

The settings for the Collection block.
Block settings
Collection Chooses collection you want to display.
Image Chooses/Uploads an image to display.
Title The title of the collection
Description The description text for the collection, which is placed below the heading.
Overlay text on image Enables the text overlay for the image.


You can optionally customize the colors of the block, including the following:
  • Text
  • Overlay, can be adjusted from 0% to 100%

We hope this article has been helpful. If you have any questions or concerns about this feature, please do not hesitate to contact our team for support.