General Page: Sections and Blocks

This page has 1 section by default: Page.

You can add up to 36 more sections in the Add section list.

Page section

The settings for the Page section
Section settings Settings Description
Heading size The heading size can be set to one of the following option: Small, Medium, Large, or Extra large.
Heading tag Selects the heading tag to structure and organize your content for SEO.
Text size The text size can be set to one of the following option:
  • Small
  • Medium
  • Large
  • Extra large
Can adjust padding in Top padding and Bottom padding from 0px to 120px, increasing arithmetically of 4px.
Show section divider Shows a line divider above this section..
Make section narrow Makes the container narrow.
Make section rounded Applies a rounded edge to the top two corners.
Custom CSS Adds custom CSS to this section.

No blocks can be added to this section.

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