How to create a mega menu?

This theme comes with mega menu support, and this instruction shows you how to setup the menu.

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The look of a mega menu

  • In Be Concept, you can create a mega menu in which its contents are arranged in columns, like this:

  • The mega menu is a combination of two parts: menu items and promotions:

Setting up mega menu

  1. First, you need to setup your menu in multiple levels by using the native Shopify navigation. To learn how to create menu in multiple levels (dropdown), please check out the official Shopify documentation. Below is an example of a menu structure to accommodate the mega menu in the very first screenshot:

  2. In your theme settings, click Header 1 in the section list, navigate to the Menu setting 2 and choose the menu you just created above.

    Next, choose the options you want to display in each of the 3 section settings: Menu active, Header layout and Sticky header 3.:

  3. The menu should display in a simple dropdown style by now. It's just because we have not setup the mega menu part yet. If you just like this dropdown style, it's all done here.

    To continue setting up the mega menu, click Add Mega menu to add a mega menu block:

    Next, go to the settings of the mega menu block.

  4. In the Menu item setting, just type the name of the menu item that contains the mega-menu. Please note that the name entered in Menu item must match the name of the menu items. Here's an example in which the mega-menu is contained within the Shop item:

  5. In the Menu item setting, you can optionally upload up to 5 images for different promotions. These images will be displayed in the mega menu banner.

Mega menu block settings

The settings for the Mega menu.
Settings Description
Mega menu
Menu item Enters the name of the menu item that you want to contain the mega menu. Please note that the name entered in Menu item must match the name of one of the first-level menu items.
Show mega menu images

When a second level item of navigation links to a collection with an image, this will have the image displayed above the title of the link. Here's an example:

Headphones second level item:

This is because the Headphones item is linked to a collection that has image:

Button label

Leaves the label blank to hide the button.

The button text
Button link The URL of the button.

You can optionally upload 5 images for 5 promotions, with the same settings for each.

Image The image that you want to display
Image ratio The image ratio for the blog post images:
  • Adapt to image (default) - Uses the aspect ratio of the images. This prevents the images from being cropped.
  • Square - Crops the images to 1:1 ratio.
  • Portrait - Crops the images to 2:3 ratio.
  • Landscape - Crops the images to 3:2 ratio.
  • Wide - Crops the images to 16:9 ratio.
Heading The promotion title.
Subtext Promotion description text.
Overlay text on image Activates the Overlay text on image option. If this option is disabled, the text will be displayed below the image.
Link The URL that you want to link to.

Your custom text that is displayed on a product page to provide additional information about the product.

Text color The color of the text.
Overlay text color The ovelay color of the text.

Text overlay opacity can be set from 0 to 100%.